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ICD-10 Syllabus

ICD-10 CM Coding Conventions Practice Questions
Procedures That Take Out or Eliminate All or a Portion of a Body Part
Excision-Root Operation B Resection-Root Operation T Detachment-Root Operation 6 Destruction-Root Operation 5 Extraction-Root Operation D
Procedures That Take Out Solids/Fluids/Gases from a Body Part
Drainage-Root Operation 9 Extirpation-Root Operation C Fragmentation-Root Operation F
Procedures Involving Cutting or Separation Only
Division-Root Operation 8 Release-Root Operation N
Procedures That Put In/Put Back or Move Some/All of a Body Part
Transplantation-Root Operation Y Reattachment-Root Operation M Transfer-Root Operation X Reposition-Root Operation S
Procedures That Alter the Diameter/Route of a Tubular Body Part
Restriction-Root Operation V Occlusion-Root Operation L Dilation-Root Operation 7 Bypass-Root Operation 1 Procedures That Always Involve a Device Insertion-Root Operation H Replacement-Root Operation R Supplement-Root Operation U Change-Root Operation 2 Removal-Root Operation P

Welcome to ICD-10 Coding Training

The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has finalized the adoption of the International Classification of Disease-10th Revision (ICD-10) code set, which would replace the current ICD-9 diagnosis and procedure codes. Under the HHS final rule, the switch will be completed by October 1, 2013.

The impact of this shift is substantial. Not only does the new code set include five times as many codes as the ICD-9 code set, the different arrangement of codes will require more documentation, revised forms, retraining of staff and physicians, and changes to software and other information technology. Changes in reimbursement patterns may also result from the increased specificity of the new code set.

The proposed implementation of the code set would have a profound impact on the operations of physician practices and clinical laboratories.

As per Nachimson Advisors, LLC study:

Total Cost Impact of ICD‐10 Mandate on Individual Provider Practices

  • For a typical small practice, the total cost impact of the ICD‐10 mandate as $83,290 per small practice.
  • For a typical medium practice, the total cost impact of the ICD‐10 mandate as $285,195 per medium practice.
  • For a typical large practice, the total cost impact of the ICD‐10 mandate as $2.7 million per large practice.

Benefits of ICD-10 Training

  • Become ICD-10 Consultant
  • Training coders and billers
  • Implement ICD-10 in physician offices and Hospitals
  • Stay updated with current healthcare reforms

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ICD-10 Benefits:

  1. More accurate payments for new procedures.
  2. Fewer rejected claims.
  3. Fewer improper claims.
  4. Better understanding of new procedures.
  5. Improved disease management.
  6. Better understanding of health conditions and health care outcomes.

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Fees: $750

Six Key Areas Requiring five times as many codes as the previous code set, the Administration’s proposed rule would impact every aspect of business operations for physician practices and clinical laboratories and produce significant added costs in six key areas:

  • Staff Education & Training.
  • Health Plan Contracts and Coverage Determinations
  • Changes to Superbills.
  • IT System Changes.
  • Increased Documentation Costs.
  • Cash Flow Disruption.

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